Swisscom provides us with an easy, up-to-date and secure technology to communicate with our patients, which is increasingly becoming digitalised – whether in the admission or follow-up treatment of patients.


The Biotechnology Institute in Spain leads the world in regenerative medicine, and has produced over a hundred indexed publications; the institute is also one of our main partners as a supplier of the plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF Endoret) that we use in PRP therapy, and for exchanging research, development, and applications.

Endoret has already been used in 700,000 patients without a single incident reported. All Endoret products have bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties. PRGF Endoret is the only platelet-rich plasma product with proven effectiveness in the treatment of osteoarthritis in two level 1 studies – that is, studies of the highest scientific quality.


TOBI is the leading institute in America with highly extensive experience in biological treatment applications. The institute holds the world’s largest specialised event every year, the PRP and Regenerative Medicine Symposium, with practical workshops on treatment applications as well as presentations by leading specialists.

After years of personal contact with TOBI founder Steven Sampson, we are part of a well-run network to assist in valuable discussions including difficult or unusual cases.


The International Cartilage Research Society (ICRS) is another important network where we as members have been going to conferences and keeping up to speed on the state of the art in optimising treatments for our patients. This expertise on the latest developments, especially in results from the clinical applications, has made it possible for us to apply the latest treatments with bioactive agents at the highest possible level.