We are also able to treat more advanced grade II to IV osteoarthritis using PRGF in addition to grade I to III osteoarthritis using PRP injections to the joint.

There is increasing evidence in the literature that osteoarthritis affects not only the articular surface and mucosa, but all tissues, especially bone. Based on these latest findings, PRP therapy for advanced osteoarthritis is administered directly into subchondral bone, thus targeting mesenchymal stem cells and modulating the repair process.

This minor surgical procedure involves injecting PRGF Endoret into the critical zone through a small hole drilled into the subchondral bone at the site of contact between the bone and overlying cartilage. This rapidly relieves pain with regeneration processes delaying the progression of osteoarthritis.

We use the same method to treat osteonecrosis (bone death) and osteochondritis dissecans.