Anabolic effects on tendon cells are especially of interest in tendon surgery by stimulating tendon stem cell growth; VEGF and HGF from the PRP promote angiogenesis while inhibiting inflammation as the tendon heals.

Hamstrings and ligaments

These anabolic effects on the tendon cells may be used in surgery to cut down on healing times in operations such as on the cruciate ligaments (ligamentisation). TGFβ1 factors universally promote fibrogenesis in tendon grafts.

Achieving the best possible outcome in complex knee injuries with multiple torn ligaments in the same knee involves surgically adding biological factors (PRP, PRGF) to repaired or replaced tendons and ligaments in some cases to improve and quicken healing in poorly nourished tissues.

The bioactive agents in PRP are usually at their peak effectiveness in the first few days, so we normally apply PRP into the joint again once or twice to continue boosting the healing effect during the follow-up period.

As with all regenerative procedures, the application of PRP in combination with optimum physiotherapy can speed up and improve healing to restore normal tissue structure and full strength.

Achilles tendon

Injuries to the Achilles tendon are a disaster for athletes, and cause massive limitations in mobility and physical strength during everyday life. We use various types of PRP and growth stimulation in addition to classical surgery to optimise the prognosis for rapid and effective healing.

This represents a distinct advantage and far better prognosis for complete healing. Tendons generally have poor healing power, so the prognosis for an Achilles tendon healing properly is not always the best after surgery. Even now, operations after an Achilles tendon rupture need careful consideration with all the possibilities for conservative, non-surgical treatment taken into account.

The exception is a massive complete tear in an active patient, where we usually recommend early surgery. In these cases, we can expect safe and effective healing after suturing the Achilles tendon – especially if we support this intraoperatively using PRGF Endoret as a gel. Occasionally, we will check for any indications requiring additional injections by ultrasound in the follow-up after six and twelve weeks.

This support treatment enables faster and more ordered cell healing in the tendon, and optimised adjuvant treatment adapted to this biological activator (integral treatment management) restores strength more rapidly in the tissue affected.