Motion, light, cold, heat, tissue pressure change (such as lymphatic emptying), and electric currents play a role in influencing the body and setting local and systemic stimuli. They take place every day without you noticing, and are usually only present at subliminal level. Even electric currents run through the body every day, and play a part in influencing the body and regulating homeostasis.

Factors above a threshold lead to adaptation but may also cause damage, such as sunlight to the skin giving you either a tan or sunburn. The effects of physical application in rehabilitation and bath treatment have been known for centuries. We all know the positive effects of a hot bath.

Using and controlling the correct physiotherapeutic treatment along with the right dose is a critical issue in care – is cold or heat better, how high should the dose be, which temperature level? How should it be applied?

Applying physiotherapeutic treatments supports the ant-inflammatory, decongestant effect of treatment as well as circulation-stimulating targets, pain inhibition, and activation or inhibition of healing and inflammation processes in the tissue. Depending on the target, these treatments can be integrated into a complex treatment programme so as to avoid purely pharmacological treatment approaches while forming a basis for activating the body’s regenerative processes.

We all know these supporting treatments in stimulating the body’s own ability to regenerate, but applying the right treatment at the right time in the right place makes a major difference.