Nerve injury may be caused by injury to the body tissues – cuts to the skin may run deep enough to sever the nerve, or injury to surrounding tissues may cause pressure on an intact nerve.

Nerve regeneration was long seen as impossible; however, animal experiments and surgical treatment on injured patients have demonstrated the ability of nerve cells and fibres to regenerate. Supporting treatments such as surgically rearranging tissue around injured nerves (bandaging) and nerve stimulation using electrical treatment, and increasingly the use of growth factors and biostimulators, have shown highly promising results with the possibility of lasting nerve regeneration.

PRP injections to nerves (neurolysis) or nerve defects (neurostimulation) support the formation of neural structures – axons and Schwann cells – towards restoration of nerve function. Nerve generation provides faster relief for sensory disorders, pain from damaged nerves, or impairment in motor control, or even makes relief possible – such as in injuries sustained a long time ago without showing any signs of recovery.