We also use PRGF and PRP in our operations with increasing frequency, and have seen naturally occurring post-operative pain reduced or spontaneously resolving itself far more quickly as a side effect.

On the other hand, we have recently seen patients with reduced persistent chronic postoperative or post-traumatic pain in many cases using a variety of regenerative treatments without the need for problematic drugs.

Postoperative complaints that do not correspond to initial wound response and involve chronic pain as well as prolonged functional impairment have come to be a well-established domain in our treatment repertoire. Knowledge of nerve and tissue reactions in following incisions into tissues as inevitable in operations as well as tissue manipulation and wound treatment is a prerequisite in understanding pain generators. The strategy of regenerative medicine includes treatment options that take into account local neural disorders and tissue factors such as matrix and connective tissue, biomechanical influencing factors, and localised and systemic cell regeneration. We apply these complex skills to the causes of symptoms and our ability to make an influence, often achieving a reduction or even complete elimination of chronic symptoms.