1. Injection therapy with platelet-rich plasma involves our doctor’s assistant drawing blood the usual way from the vein in your arm into four to eight collection tubes.
  2. After that, we will centrifuge the whole blood in a special centrifuge to separate out the components in the tube in a process that takes around a quarter of an hour to complete.
  3. The assistant will then pipette off the blood components you will need in therapy in sterile conditions, and fill them into a syringe.
  4. She will then prepare this syringe together with a smaller mini-syringe for the doctor. The platelets will be activated in serum using the small syringe just before application of PRP.
  5. After that, the doctor will apply the sterile syringe, possibly with the help of ultrasound, depending on the target.
  6. Finally, we will disinfect the injection site again and apply a small patch.
  7. This may be followed by a brief observation period.
  8. We recommend that you avoid any form of strenuous activity for the first two to three days after the injection to improve the effect of the treatment.