The FIRST Symposium on regenerative medicine and orthobiology took place for the first time on 24 January 2019. Focusing on the central theme of regeneration as innovation, this was Switzerland’s first presentation on regenerative methods in treating musculoskeletal complaints using an integrative approach.

  • What factors cause damage?
  • Which signalling proteins play a central role in continued complaints culminating in tissue damage?
  • What opportunities for influencing outcomes can we anticipate from the new research focus on the body’s own natural regenerative capacity to restore homeostasis and biological equilibrium?
  • How can we actively apply the corresponding methods in medically assisted regeneration processes, and what outcomes can we expect?

The initial symposium already attracted a great deal of interest with its exciting presentations and in-depth discussions at the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich.

We would like to thank our prominent speakers whose specialist expertise played an essential part in the successful launch of our new forum. Our heartfelt thanks also go to our participants and the interest they showed, confirming the need and benefit of sharing thoughts and ideas in this format.

Innovation is a process. We would like to pursue and critically explore this process together with our many colleagues from Switzerland and beyond. We aim to use regeneration in an effective and beneficial way and communicate it to experts and patients alike.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next FIRST Symposium.