We take briefing our patients on the course of treatment, safety, and cost coverage very seriously as essential matters. We operate consistently according to a multi-stage principle that includes everyone involved in the therapy.

Once we have developed a diagnosis for you as a patient, the doctor will brief you on the planned treatment options and document this. This will mostly involve a variety of modules for you to select from with our help. Apart from medical treatments, we will also be discussing adjuvant and supporting treatments, and how often we will be applying them, and, of course, their individual costs and how they will be divided up between you and your health insurance. You will then have the opportunity to negotiate a detailed cost coverage plan with your insurance company.

We will document the briefing for you to study at home at your leisure. Our assistants will usually ask you if you have understood everything in the briefing at your next appointment; we will give you an additional briefing if needed. Finally, your doctor will check the whole process again and sign the plan off as approved together with you.

These steps are all laid down in our SOPs (standard operating procedures), and ensure a high level of safety – the highest possible protection and care that has earned FIRST its place a competence centre for regenerative medicine.