Registration information

In order to keep the paperwork as low as possible for you as a patient, you can pass on to us a lot of information about your health problem on registration before your first appointment with us.

This begins with giving us as much information about you and your insurance situation on registration by phone or e-mail.

Patient history

We will spend plenty of time asking about the history of your health problem in as much detail as possible for us to gain a clearer picture as to the cause of your pain or injury; we need this summarised information to initiate a biological therapy with lasting results rather than short-term suppression of symptoms.

Preliminary reports, preliminary findings, imaging materials (CD, DVD, thumb drive, login access)

We can make a much more targeted diagnosis if you bring existing imaging results and reports with you such as images, X-rays, ultrasound, CT, or MRI to save the effort of performing the same examination twice.

Clinical examination

We bring the focus on certain tissues to localise your complaint, which will sometimes require us examining body regions some way away from the site of pain.

These examinations lead to an initial working hypothesis for examination in more detail on the one hand, and on the other, to be able to brief you on our treatment plans for you in an easy-to-understand way.

Technical examinations

Additional technical measures using X-rays, US, CT, MRI, or biomechanical measurements are often required after the initial examination to confirm our clinical diagnosis, and also to document our treatment methods. This plays a crucial role in conscientious quality control.

We place high demands on the quality of our technical examinations, so we perform them ourselves if possible, or recommend institutions that we already successfully work with.